A Surprise Donation To Tuttle Elementary’s First Grade Class Field Trip To Mote Marine

Joey Lamielle
Joey Lamielle
Published on September 30, 2018

Sarasota Real Estate Agent Joey Lamielle Makes Donation To Tuttle Elementary

Sarasota Real Estate Agent Joey Lamielle Makes Donation To Tuttle Elementary

Sarasota Real Estate Agent Joey Lamielle Makes Donation To Tuttle Elementary

Sarasota Real Estate Agent Joey Lamielle Makes Donation To Tuttle Elementary

Am I a Sarasota Realtor? Obviously.


But, first and foremost I am a member of the Sarasota community!


I grew up in Sarasota.


I started both my professional golf and real estate career as Special Agent Joey here in Sarasota.


I have lived in and loved Sarasota for most of my life.


That is why I so strongly believe in giving back to this community every chance I get. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Sarasota.


Recently, I was speaking with Ms. Wenmark, a first-grade teacher at Tuttle Elementary. She explained to me that many of the children in her class come from families with very limited funds. She also stated that she feared that because of those limitations and a lack of funds at the school, her class wouldn’t be able to take a field trip this year.

Special Agent Joey Steps In…

When Ms. Wenmark was explaining the financial hurdles her class was facing, it occurred to me that there are many causes like this that frequently go without funding because people don’t realize how big of a need there is.


Instantly, I knew this sounded like the type of mission that was perfect for me, Special Agent Joey. So I volunteered to help Ms. Wenmark and her class get to Mote Marine for a day of fun and learning outside of their day-to-day classroom.


Today, with the help of the wonderful Ms. Wenmark, I was honored to be able to surprise her class with the donation they needed to be able to visit one of Sarasota’s greatest local attractions.

The Kid’s Reaction…

Walking into Ms. Wenmark’s classroom to hand the class the check for their field trip was one of the brightest moments of my year.


The children were so excited that they would be able to make it to Mote after all. Watching their eyes and faces light up the way they did made me feel like Santa Claus or some kind of Super Hero. Honestly, I wish I could do that every day just to see those looks on their faces!


It’s not news that field trips, extracurriculars, and arts programs are struggling in schools all over the country and as much as I wish I could help them all, I can’t.


However, I knew there was a way to make a big difference in this one class and I couldn’t help but pitch in to give back to the future of the city that has helped me build mine.


My point here is not to boast about my donation or try to sound like some hero, but rather, bring awareness to a need. The hero in this story is Ms. Wenmark who saw a need that she wanted to fulfill for her students and stepped up to raise the money.


I want to remind you that there are many small and simple ways that you can make a major difference and help to make it even better.


Giving back to our schools and investing in our children is by far one of the most impactful ways that you can transform a few dollars into a better life and education for other members of our community.

Want To Get Involved?

There is still plenty that Ms. Wenmark and her colleagues need for their classrooms, programs, and field trips over at Tuttle Elementary!


If you would like to get involved, to help them fundraise or make a donation of your own of any size, get in touch with Dr. Lisa Cline, Exceptional Student Education Liaison, Tuttle Elementary

941-361-6433 Ext 50165.


Also, know that with every Sarasota real estate referral you send me, property you list with me, or home you buy with me, you help me to carry out more meaningful missions like this one and I am deeply grateful for that!


Please like and share this article to help promote the need to donate to our Sarasota schools.

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